Buying Used ATV Parts

As a restorer of atv’s and atc’s I find that people are always interested in where I get parts the majority of the time the parts I need (I specialize in 3 wheelers but this guide is applicable for buying used atv parts as well) and most of the parts I need are no longer available from the dealer. So what I do when I need something that is discontinued the first thing I do is check for OEM parts & online schematics at Their site is great not only to use for exploded pictures of assemblies. Many of which are from the dealer manuals. It is also helpful to use if you need to figure out how something goes together and are clueless as to how. ( I call it a brain fart when I take something apart and cannot reassemble it.)

What to do if the part is no longer available from the dealer.

We all know, or at least I am sure you have in some capacity or another used Ebay to find parts. Ebay can sometimes be a hassle but to be honest it is the best place to find Used atv parts.

There are certain things that can be done to better locate parts in ebay. The first thing you must do when searching ebay for used atv parts is to use quotation marks when searching ebay for used atv parts

So lets say I am searching for a swing arm for a 1985 350x. How, I would approach this is to first go to ebayMotors and in the search bar type “350x swing arm” it will certainly return some results. I would then type “350x swingarm” into the search bar this I where the deals are. You must search it both ways. Sometimes people do not put both spelling into their listings. Some times it may be listed as a swinger.

Another little handy trick to finding cheap used atv parts on ebay is to do mistypes or screwed up listings. Such as the ad I once found for an “r250” Honda that was a really clean 250r. It was just miss listed. It ended up selling really cheap. So remember when doing a search on Ebay for used atv parts to change letters around most atv models have a letter following the model like 250r or 200x . Well change the 200x to x200 and see what comes up. Also try to separate the letter from the numbers such as “200 x” or “x 200” these most defiantly show listings and they are listing no one has found.

There is also another little tip that I can offer about buying used parts on ebay. Most manufactures interchange parts on model years. For example certain models interchange for example almost on the parts on an 1984 200x will interchange with the parts for an 1985 200x. I do not know all the years that inter change but if you have a question I might be able to help my email address is feel free to email me questions and I will try to do my best to help.
Another way to findout which parts interchange is to look at the OEM parts & online schematics this can be vary helpful. Look at the exploded view for whatever part you a are looking for. Then write down the part number and check a year ahead and a year behind to see if the same part was used on both machines. If it is the same part number it is the same part.
As always be careful who you deal with on eBay, check their feed back scores. I hope that this article helped. I will be writing another article on how to refinish used atv parts so that they look new again. When it is done I will include a link at the end of this article so please bookmark this page.

Thanks Jason - Dirt bike & ATV parts